The perfect summer home is down to personal interpretation.

Could you be a colour person? Maybe you have only ever used greys and neutrals? Each person has their idea of ‘perfect’ for their home.

Today we will dive into ways to style your home for summer, including Abode products that exude colour and style.

It's all about being on-trend.

2022 is the year for experimenting with bold colours and stepping outside your comfort zone. A current trend of olive greens (and all greens in general) has hit 2022 fast and hot, so let's look at ways you can bring green to your home.

The most important thing to note is a pop of colour can be as big or as little as you like - whether that is a painting, lampshade, statement rug, or in our expertise, sofas!

You can make a bold statement by mixing colours. Implementing our deep Green ‘Joules’ Velvet Sofa, provides storage and elegance while following the current colour trends. 

Matching this stunning sofa with a vibrant and eclectic rug is the perfect mixture for someone who wants to change their space and add a wow factor element to any room.

Another perfect example of bringing an on-trend colour into your home in a subtle way is adding something yellow. Yellow works beautifully alongside blues, and our range of gorgeous yellow sofas are no exception.

Providing comfort, class and a lot of style, our gorgeous Yellow Joules Sofa coupled with a gorgeous on-trend woven blue rug is true example of a trending colour and how it can adapt to your style.


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