Picking the right sofa for your space is a crucial task some don’t recognise. Whether you’re juggling size, colour, fabric or the shape of the Sofa, it is good to know how to decide what is right for you.

Firstly, let’s talk size.

Size is a factor that heavily determines which sofa you can purchase - not just if the sofa fits in the area, but also if the size of the sofa allows the room to shine.

A Sofa that is too small can make your room look empty and cold - on the flip side, a sofa that is too large eats up your space and makes a room feel cluttered.

We suggest hitting that happy medium.Measure your area and ensure you have enough walking room for practicality.

Time to talk about colour and fabrics.

Colour and fabric choice are key when matching a sofa to your already decorated room. Take pictures and notes of the current colours and materials in your space - this will allow you to select a sofa style that doesn’t clash with your present interior.

Colour choice is a factor for your sofa as many see sofas as the main feature of any room. It is always good to plan out what each choice would look like, whether you are deciding over neutral, greys, or different coloured pinks.

Finally - shapes.

Something overlooked, the Sofa shape is also a factor when deciding what sofa would suit your home best. Think about the current layout of your room; do you have the space for a chaise lounge, a standard 2-seater, or are you looking for a statement armchair. Like before, it is good to plan out your room, imagine the shapes in the blank area and see if they would work.

The perfect sofa should seamlessly fit into your home.

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