About Us

Who are we?

Abode Furniture Outlet provide a regular supply of excellent brand new, end-of-line & clearance furniture sold by the large high street retailers at a fraction of the cost with fast delivery available nationally. 

We guarantee that you will be getting the best value for money possible on your furniture purchase with us. We sell great quality products, the same as the big retailers, however offer them at less than half the cost! If you have any questions about a product please get in touch.

Why use Abode Furniture Outlet?

  • We take out all of the hassle from buying your next sofa.
  • Been told 16 weeks for your next sofa? Sorted.
  • Unbeatable after service? Sorted.
  • Dependable quality. Sorted. 

What can we provide?

  • Amazing service, view a range of sofa online or in store.
  • Quality modern & stylish furniture perfect for decorating a home quickly.
  • Fast delivery on all orders with most deliveries taking place in less than 10 days.

How it works

  • We hold the furniture in stock or choose suppliers that make sure they always hold the product in stock
  • We advertise the item online and in store giving you a chance to try it before buying if you would like to. 
  • You can purchase an item via our simple online checkout, in-store or over the phone. 
  • We deliver the item in less than 10 days, no waiting 16 weeks for containers to get here from abroad! However if you aren’t in a rush we can hold on to an item for you until you are ready for it. 

Key information

We operate multiple retail locations, one of which is a 10,000 SQFT showroom & another is a large warehouse both based in Gloucestershire to offer the widest range of furniture possible. We select premium stock we are proud to put our name behind & offer you an amazing, trustworthy valike for money on your sofa or bed purchase. With us, you will be paying a great price for the product you receive.

Since opening in May 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have grown quickly. We have doubled down on our operations across the board by buying better machinery and tools to improve the quality and rate of work when it comes to importing & selling more & more furniture both online & in stores. We have also moved into a larger space meaning we can provide a greater range. Additionally, we have hired more wonderful staff meaning that more sofas can be sourced, cleaned and delivered. 

Abode Furniture Outlet look forward to providing more and more amazing furniture to the UK and in the future and are keen to expand into additional stores with more product ranges.

Contact us through the form on their site or 0800 669 6155. Thank you for shopping with us.